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The New York State book is finally available!! At 9 by 11 and 1/2 inches, this 304 page book has over 500 images, both in color and black & white. Available in most NY state bookstores, gift shops, ect, as well as online at the following site: (click on "Featured" at top heading of this page)


The processing of Pennsylvania images for book #4 has just begun! Feel free to check out the first Rural and Urban galleries already on this site!


Please chose any gallery via "All My Photos" to explore that particular state or subject (note that most states are further divided into Rural, Scenic, and Urban galleries). The slideshow to the right features the New York Rural (6) Color Gallery.

My first publications, "Sights Unscene New Hampshire"  and "Sights Unscene Massachusetts" are now available at most local bookstores, or directly through, the Enfield Distribution on-line bookstore or Sights Unscene Press. Please advance to "contact" for direct links and further information.



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"Sights Unscene: New York State" Book Released April 2018)

"Sights Unscene: New York State" Book Released April 2018)

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